As a proud owner within the Banyan Place community, you play a vital role in keeping the Banyan Place community beautiful.  At Growland, we encourage the consistent upkeep of all properties within the Banyan Place community in Officer to enhance its visual appeal.

Neglected and overgrown vacant lots not only diminish the aesthetic charm of Banyan Place but can also attract pests such as rats or snakes. Beyond contributing to the community’s overall well-being, regular property maintenance plays a crucial role in minimising fire and health hazards, ensuring public safety.

In burgeoning communities like Banyan Place in Officer, the unfortunate trend of illegal dumping of rubbish and building materials is not uncommon. Growland acknowledges these challenges and takes proactive measures to curb such activities.

You can assist with preventing this undesirable behavior by securing and maintaining your lot. We strongly recommend arranging temporary fencing for your lot immediately upon settlement to deter illegal dumping. Clearing such waste can be a costly undertaking for homeowners, especially if it becomes necessary before the construction of your home begins.

Even if immediate construction plans are not on the horizon, it remains imperative to secure your property. It is your responsibility to maintain the vacant land to an appropriate standard, free from fire hazards, noxious weeds,  litter, and rubbish, including building materials like concrete, dirt mounds, rocks, and rubble.

Maintaining your property also includes undertaking regular mowing or slashing of any grass or weeds that may present on your property.  Overgrown grass poses a fire hazard and we advise keeping it trimmed to a height of no more than 150mm throughout the year.  We encourage vacant landowners to conduct regular inspections to ensure compliance with these guidelines.

Cardinia Shire Council conducts routine surveillance of new communities and issues notices to properties not meeting the required standards. Non-compliance may result in an infringement notice being issued to property owners. By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to making Banyan Place a safer and more aesthetically pleasing community for all residents.

Should you observe any illegal dumping or properties that are unkempt within the Banyan Place community, we urge you to report such activities to Cardinia Shire Council by calling 1300 787 624, via email or by visiting the online portal.

Together, let’s maintain the beauty and safety of our Banyan Place community.