As we close out 2023, Banyan Place marks off a significant milestone for our community.

Growland is very pleased to announce that Stages 1, 2 and 3 have officially received their titles! We couldn’t be happier to share this news with our future homeowners in the Banyan Place Community.

This achievement marks the beginning of a new chapter as we prepare to witness the construction of the very first homes within our community in the months to come. The anticipation is building (pun intended), and we eagerly look forward to welcoming our first residents to their new homes next year.

Stages 4 & 5
Stage 4 is barrelling along and is now in its final phase of construction completing the footpaths and putting the finishing touches on the road network throughout the stage. Stage 5 is following just behind, with construction work being finalised on the electrical and telecommunications works before the construction crew will move into Footpaths and Asphalt as well.

Valuation Inspections will be commencing shortly and for all Stage 4 & 5 purchasers within these stages. Please be on the lookout for communications from us and through your conveyancer for your next steps.
Please also continue to monitor the progress of your stage via the construction portal here
Title Registrations are on track and anticipated in December for Stage 4 & late December/early January for Stage 5.

Stage 6
Stage 6 at Banyan Place is now over the halfway mark and deep into the Water & Gas phase. The construction team are laying the essential water and gas pipelines to connect the services to each house lot. Trenches are dug parallel to the road network, in the future nature strip reserves, for all the varying pipes to be laid including stormwater, wastewater, clean water and gas supply.  

Stage 6A
Construction work is well underway in our petite stage fronting Lecky Road.
Sewer and drainage works have commenced here which involve the construction of all stormwater pipes and pits seen along the road network, allowing for the safe draining of all stormwater away from all house lots to prevent flooding. This network may also feature basins and wetlands designed to treat the stormwater before it enters local waterways.

Stage 7
Stage 7  is currently in the final phase of obtaining plans and permits prior to commencement of early works which involve assessing and setting up the building site with all the correct health and safety measures in place. Civil construction can then kick off with the next round of tasks including setting up temporary fencing and performing a general clean-up of the site before civil earthworks begin. We are anticipating main works to commence in December this year.

Settlements are underway for Stages 1, 2 & 3 and we will soon be moving on to readying purchasers from Stages 4, 5 & 6 for their settlement journeys. We look toward the end of the year where the first purchasers will officially own their own piece of Banyan Place and we may even see the commencement of the first homes throughout the community too.